15 Female Floral Designers You Want to Keep an Eye on in 2021

15 Female Floral Designers You Want to Keep an Eye on in 2021

Josefien Goethals, Belgium
Josefien Goethals is the creative centipede behind MiFleur. She is a florist and stylist, a true floral artist. With MiFleur she aims to tell stories through flowers.
We are crazy about flowers, crazy about the seasons & crazy about people’s stories. We are happy to tell your story, whisper with flowers and greenery. Tailored to your size and to the rhythm of nature, as sustainable as possible. We work to measure and listen to what you are looking for.

De lente in je woning: vijf tips van floraal artiest Josefien Goethals

De lente in je woning? Terwijl de zon met zomerse temperaturen schijnt, halen we die warmte ook graag naar binnen. Florist en stylist Josefien Goethals verklapt ons vijf tips om jouw interieur te doen stralen zodat jij ook kunt stralen. Bloemen, kleuren en accessoires in huis hebben namelijk een groter effect op je dan je zou denken.

The Symbolism of Ophelia

A Setting with a Universal Meaning MiFleur and Lux Visual Storytellers did not lose heart, and we chose to be creative in times of COVID-19. It was a must. In our high season, there was little work, so we put our heads together and brought this styled shoot to life. We chose to create a…